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What are the best online quizzes to try at home?

24th June 2020

Staying at home for long periods can increase boredom and loneliness and this has been heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic. For many, a popular way to pass the time and keep boredom at bay has been to test their knowledge by taking part in online quizzes.

There are many benefits to online quizzes as they not only keep your mind active but people with mobility issues who need to use stairlifts and are spending a lot of their time at home or older people who are shielding can stay in touch with family and friends through them.

This guide takes a look at some of the best online quizzes people can try when they are at home so you can pit your wits against your family and friends. Check out the below list and read on for more information about each of them:

  • The Big Drop Living Room Pub Quiz
  • The Pub Quiz Company
  • Twitch
  • Goose's Quizzes
  • Challenge the Brain
  • Sporcle
  • The hardest travel quiz you'll ever take

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The Big Drop Living Room Pub Quiz

The Big Drop Brewing Co are well-known for their award-winning, alcohol-free craft beer but during the lockdown, they became known for their great quizzes too.

The Big Drop Living Room Pub Quiz is a relaxed affair as they trust you to mark yourselves fairly! During the 10 weeks it was running they let the viewers choose the rounds via Facebook and Instagram so everyone could have their say and get involved.

The Big Drop Brewing Co said: “We thought a pub quiz on Youtube would be a great way to get families and friends together to stretch the old grey matter a little! During this pandemic, we thought what could we do to raise spirits a little and offer a little bit of escapism - and a pub quiz was exactly that. After 10 weeks we built such a community of people - from all across the globe and it was amazing to see familiar groups and names every week.

“All in all, we had over 100k views and even a mention in GQ - we didn't expect it to take off as well as it did. So please - get a group together and play along!”

You can check out their quizzes here.

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The Pub Quiz Company

The Pub Quiz Company has more than 15-years’ experience in writing and hosting quiz nights and all of their questions are sourced by their team with the answers being checked via multiple sources.

These quizzes have become hugely popular and through their website people have been able to play from all over the world and make new friends along the way.

Talking about why their quizzes are perfect for older people, The Pub Quiz Company said: “When we designed our quiz website we tried to keep it as close as possible to our usual pub quiz format (as much as possible) whilst not making it overly complicated for the teams taking part. You have your picture round, you have your answer sheets and we have a chat room where you can ask the quizmaster questions or get snidey with the other teams. If you have ever filled out an online form you can do our quiz. We don’t use any flashy gimmicks, we don’t stream video. You get a (manly) voice and that’s pretty much it (though the questions do appear on-screen for those that have hearing issues).”

Quizzes have been important for many people who are on their own as it has given them something to think about and has been a great way to communicate with friends and family.

This is what The Pub Quiz Company have found: “Our (online) regulars find it breaks up the monotony of what has become a very boring week. They join up with their other team members via Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp groups, Zoom etc and it brings a bit of pre-COVID normality back into their lives. It is a great way for friends and family to connect, to chat with new people (in our chatroom) and hopefully have an enjoyable evening.”


Twitch is a site where millions of people come together live every day to chat, interact, and make their own entertainment together.

It is used by a wide variety of people, from gamers and talk show hosts to musicians and sports clubs, you can find so much interactive content on Twitch.

Digital platforms and services like Twitch can help provide social interaction and this has been evident during the COVID-19 pandemic with people from across the world coming together.

A Twitch spokesperson talks about how the platform is being used for quizzes: “Live-streamed quizzes on Twitch are just one small example of how people are doing this, participating and conversing online without having to be under one roof. Whether it be the quizzes themselves, music sessions, or sports we have seen a significant uptick in people attracted to Twitch for the things that make our service unique - live-streamed content, real-time interactions and the resulting powerful sense of community.”

If you visit the site you will be able to find online quizzes and then you can tell your family and friends about them. You can check out some of the quizzes on Twitch TV here.

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Goose's Quizzes


A post shared by Goose's Quizzes (@goosesquizzes) on

Before the lockdown was announced across the UK, Goose's Quizzes ran around 45 pub quizzes per-week across Edinburgh and Glasgow alongside running regular corporate and fundraising quiz nights.

When the UK was put into lockdown Goose's Quizzes moved everything online and via Twitch they run nightly quizzes at 7pm. The format is straightforward and simple to engage with, is free to enter and no sign-up is required, which makes it easy for people to participate if they are not tech-savvy.

Andrew at Goose’s Quizzes talks about why you should join in: “We would recommend our quizzes because of the community we have built online, and before lockdown, in the regular venues. With hundreds of teams playing along every night, it's important to engage everyone. Participants share their own stories and experiences through the stream chat and social media - we love hearing what people are up to while quizzing in their own homes.

There are lots of positives when it comes to quizzing online and Andrew talks about how it can be really beneficial for older people taking part: “It's about keeping people together virtually. It's about providing a focus for people who are locked down together, other than Coronavirus. With a huge amount of bad news around the quizzes are an engaging format to keep people's attention on something more positive, encouraging good discussion within households and virtual teams! We have heard amazing stories from people joining us regularly. Giving people a platform to share and be heard is important in this time when connectivity is physically limited. It's an honour for us all at Goose's Quizzes to be part of so many households evenings, and helping them in some way get through this troubled time.”

You can check out their quizzes here.

Challenge the Brain

Challenge the Brain has its own team of quiz experts who have been writing quiz questions for more than a decade now. Aimed at a wide audience, from young to old, their free family-friendly pub quizzes are fun and interesting and cover a huge range of topics.

There are general knowledge, music, movie, holiday trivia, sports, history, science, geography, football, maths, religion and food quizzes to name a few.

Challenge the Brain explained how during the Coronavirus pandemic quizzes have been a great release for many: “The lockdown has proved very difficult, and has left friends and families unable to spend quality time together. Challenge the Brain has been a saviour to many, providing a great way for family and friends to interact with one another. Challenge the Brain has brought first-class family entertainment to homes not only throughout Great Britain but across the world!”

If you have children, then the same quizmasters run another website called Know A Lot which specialises in quizzes for kids. The experts write questions that are engaging and fun; helping children to learn interesting facts and information.

You can check out Challenge the Brain’s general knowledge quizzes here.

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Sporcle is one of the most well-known names when it comes to the online quizzing world as you can play thousands of free online trivia quiz games.

There is a fun quiz about virtually every topic you can think of such as geography, history, sports, music, TV and more!

If you are looking to play along with friends and family, the Sporcle Party app is something you could consider downloading. Up to 25 people can have a Sporcle Party together and with one person being the host, the others can just join in on the fun.

This is a popular way for people to link up with friends and enjoy long-distance trivia nights using a video conference program.

You can check out their quizzes here.

The hardest travel quiz you'll ever take

Rough Guides is known for being a leading travel publisher that produces popular guides and has a website offering tailor-made trips from across the world.

Whilst not being known as a destination for quizzes, Rough Guides has recently produced a travel quiz that will test the most avid traveller's knowledge.

If you are a travel-buff and think you know the world really well, then put your skills to the test with the travel quiz from Rough Guides. They will test you on little-known facts to downright strange statistics. You can check out their quiz here.

For people with mobility problems that need stairlifts to get around their home and are unable to get out as much or others who are shielding, online quizzes have become a great way for people to socialise with family and friends. If you are in this situation, then take a look at some of the online quizzes and test your trivia skills.

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