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Outdoor games to play with the family

25th June 2021


With the sunny days starting to creep into the weather forecasts here in the UK, people are starting to spend more time in their gardens and in outdoor spaces, and now that restrictions have eased a little, we can enjoy the weather with friends and loved ones.

However, for those who have limited mobility and often find themselves looking at stairlift prices, the thought of having to be out and about in the garden with family or grandchildren might be a little daunting. This article takes a look at some of the outdoor games that are perfect for those wanting to play outdoors with the whole family.

Bubble blowers


Bubble blowers may sound like a game for people under the age of 10 but if you have children or grandchildren who like to spend a lot of time outside, then bubble blowers are a great option for as you can remain seated but still be involved in the fun. Jupiter and Dann from the blog Jupiter Hadley recommended bubble blowers as a great way for all the family to get involved in garden games:

“Whenever we play outside, we tend to play with bubbles. Kids enjoy playing with bubbles - popping them and chasing after them. We have previously designated one person as the bubble blower - allowing that person to sit down and rest, blowing bubbles in various directions for children to pop and chase after. It's a really fun way to interact and watch your family members laugh and play while being involved.

Jupiter continues and explains why getting outdoors is really important, especially for those who struggle to get out and about often.

“When it comes to being outdoors, it's so important to enjoy the sun while it's out! In the UK, the summertime is quite short, so everyone does need to make the most of it. Being outside and involved can really help with people's general wellbeing, and feeling included is a part of that. There are lots of different ways to include those with limited mobility - ensuring they are comfortable and involved will help them participate in these sorts of games and have fun as well. Everyone can use a little bit of fresh air and vitamin D!”

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Bug hunts


If you have a big garden and the little ones in your family love exploring and getting their hands dirty then a bug hunt is a great option. A bug hunt is an educational way to keep the family occupied but is slow-paced and low impact, as Claire from Single Parent Pessimist explains a little more:

“I find that games without a fast pace work well, like looking for things, so bug hunts, hide and seek and treasure hunts with the kids means I can go at my own pace and take breaks when I need to. Just being outside hearing birds tweet, seeing the trees sway in the breeze and noticing bees enjoying flowers is amazing for the mind. It's proven that nature helps boost the good chemicals in the brain, it relaxes you and it's very mentally healing. Being out in a calming environment helps improve the time I spend with loved ones, as I'm less anxious and more able to enjoy my time with them. It ensures I am being more active than just sitting at home, which helps both my physical and mental health conditions.”

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Some may not have heard of Kubb but along with croquet and bowls, it is a popular lawn game that doesn’t require a lot of movement and is perfect for older adults. The aim of the game is to knock over a selection of wooden blocks with your batons. Petra from A Mum Reviews says it is one of her favourite games:

“Kubb is a wooden garden game that’s lots of fun and great for people with limited mobility too as you stand still when playing. You could even sit if you want to. The objective of the game is to knock over wooden blocks by gently and skilfully throwing wooden batons at them. The game is easy to learn and fun for the whole family. Playing outdoor games with your family is a great way to spend quality time together during the summer. You’ll have fun together doing something active and screen-free, all while enjoying the weather and getting some much-needed Vitamin D too.”

A Kubb set is relatively affordable and can be played by the whole family, but be warned, it can get very competitive!

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Scavenger hunt


A scavenger hunt doesn’t have to be something that the younger kids get involved in, adult scavenger hunts are increasing in popularity and are a great game for a dinner or garden party. One member of the party can hide objects around the garden, whether they are mini drinks bottles, sweets or little trinkets, the fun is in the finding.

“We love a scavenger hunt, which you can do no matter what your abilities, such as what you can spot from a static position beginning with different letters of the alphabet,” says Karen and Lily from The 3am Diary.

Noughts and crosses


Similarly, to Kubb, outdoor noughts and crosses is a great way to get the whole family involved in an open-air game without having to worry about accessibility for those who require a wheelchair or an aid, Karen and Lily continued to explain how much they enjoy the game:

“You can also play traditional games outdoors, such as ‘noughts and crosses’ using natural materials like finding five stones and five daisies or leaves, then making a grid out of long sticks. It is a simple game that everyone knows and is great for all ages and abilities. Our nana is now bedbound, but it is still something she can play with her great-granddaughter together while also bringing the outdoors in. Nature helps us feel much more relaxed and is a great way to escape from screens, particularly after the challenges of 2020, where all our communication, learning and working has mainly involved screens.”

If you’re planning a garden party and want to get the whole family involved without having to worry about moving around without the likes of a stair lift and walking aids then hopefully some of these have given you a little inspiration.

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Outdoor games for those with limited mobility:

  • Bubble blowers
  • Bug hunts
  • Kubb
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Noughts and crosses

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