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Workshops for older disabled people organised for Mobility Roadshow

30th June 2015

The National Mobility Roadshow are hosting a series of conferences and workshops for older disabled people at Donington Park, in Derby, between the 25th and 27th June. Named ‘Driving challenges and choices for older people’ and co-hosted by Age UK, The Forum of Mobility Centres and Mobility Choice, the workshops provide information to help ensure safer driving in the elderly community.

In addition to the driving workshops, a ‘Mobility scooters’ workshop surrounding their legal and safety issues is also taking place. The workshop may be of particular interest for those with mobility issues who rely on an installed stairlift at home as the workshop reviews the safety and legal issues surrounding the rising popularity of mobility vehicles.

Those who do not wish to stay at home in their comfortable rise and recliner chair will already be interested in alternative modes of transport to driving so as to stay mobile and active. The workshops at the roadshow aim to promote this kind of information and ensure that more older mobility-restricted residents in the UK are aware of their options.

Driving and its alternatives

The Mobility Roadshow workshops are free to attend and open to consumers, trade representatives and healthcare professionals interested in safer driving for older people. As well as providing vital information on driving, the event will also have a focus on alternatives for when driving is no longer an option.

The workshops will look at the changes in technology that enable drivers to continue driving safely and for longer, featuring everything from new and existing vehicle adaptations for the older market through to driverless cars.

By hosting such workshops, the roadshow offers information that such an audience may not be exposed to anywhere else, such as where and how they can renew and refresh their driving skills and the decision of when is a good time to stop driving.

Those interested in finding out more can either visit the roadshow or the event’s website where there is a whole host of current information.

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