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The world’s best countries to grow old in revealed

17th May 2018

As the world’s population continues to age, different countries across the globe are looking to find alternative ways to support their older adults. While people may assume that the UK is going to be at the top of the polls, according to researchers from Columbia University and USC, it doesn’t make it into the top ten.

This alternative index of ranking countries takes into consideration the status and wellbeing of older people in a country along with their productivity, engagement, equity cohesion and security. Many of the countries that do very well are the Nordic countries with Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland making it into the top ten.

The UK appears 11th on the list with a score of 51.9 out of 100, showing that though there is some success with how the British are helping their older adults, there is still some way to go. 


There are lots of ways that the UK is looking to aid its older adults, from improving the accessibility of high streets up and down the country to increase the time available to cross the roads. Lots of older adults are also looking into ensuring their own independence as they get older, and that is through making sure their own homes are accessible for when they have mobility issues. By installing stairlifts in the home or opting for a walk in bath allows people to stay in their home for longer.

Maintaining independence with accessible homes and facilities is one of the best ways to prevent loneliness in older adults which is an ongoing problem in communities, especially those who live in rural areas. Regularly getting out and interacting with others is important to maintaining happiness and other countries have been more successful and keeping older adults connected. 

Image Credit: The John A Hartford Foundation

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