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Mobility News

Berries may have health-promoting properties as we age

2nd May 2013

t is well known that there are many ways to try and stay fit, and many of us try to eat a balanced diet to stay healthy. Research can help point us in the right direction, and the latest scientific research has shown that a diet that includes berries can have health-promoting properties, particularly in terms of aging.

Research reveals role of protein complex in muscle weaknesses

1st May 2013

Scientists from Switzerland believe that they have been able to describe the exact biological mechanism which results in many of us choosing to use stairlifts as we get older. Their findings were recently published in the respected scientific journal Cell Metabolism, and pointed towards unclean cells resulting in weak muscles.

Study outlines benefits of knee bracing for osteoarthritis sufferers

1st May 2013

A new study has found that the wearing of a knee brace could significantly reduce the effects of osteoarthritis affecting this part of the body

Bio-patch paves the way for future of e-health in the home

30th April 2013

The future of health care is sure to involve some innovative technological developments, and the first of these could be unveiled very soon. Known as the Bio-patch, both healthcare professionals and the public can monitor the body's vital signs using a small skin patch that is "paper-thin".

Future of mobility could see use of mind-controlled exoskeleton

29th April 2013

A team of researchers have been investigating how a robotic exoskeleton can help those who have mobility difficulties

CQC announce three-year plan to improve UK care standards

26th April 2013

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has said that they will be improving the inspection part of their duties by introducing larger and more knowledgeable inspection teams that will be able to spend more time talking to people who are in hospital.

First year of The Big Event to showcase mobility vehicles

26th April 2013

A family friendly event is launching this summer which is sure to appeal to all those who have mobility difficulties. The Big Event will be hosted by Motability during May 2013 and will help those with mobility issues to find out more about a number of viable mobility solutions.

Stelios Award 2013 applications now open

25th April 2013

Applications opened for the Stelios Award 2013 this week, one of the biggest awards in the UK for disabled entrepreneurs