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Mobility News

Breakthrough made in cause of inherited diseases research

28th May 2013

A research project into the composition of cells was able to provide fresh insights into the protective seal that surrounds the DNA of our cells.

Jeremy Hunt pledges to assign personal NHS workers to older patients

28th May 2013

Jeremy Hunt made a number of important announcements this week, including a pledge to improve healthcare for older patients in the UK.

Innovative new projects given

28th May 2013

The funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Council has been awarded to three interdisciplinary new projects.

Discovery could lead to the prevention of rheumatoid arthritis

28th May 2013

A study from the University of Colorado School of Medicine has revealed that fat cells found within knee joints cause arthritis.

Natural probiotic gives hope to those with osteoporosis

24th May 2013

Scientists at Michigan State University believe that their discovery could be a significant step towards finding a treatment for osteoporosis

Norman Lamb calls for more coordinated care in the UK

23rd May 2013

The government called for healthcare to become more coordinated this month in a bid to stop people falling through gaps in the system

Record number of people over 65 still working

17th May 2013

Recent figures have revealed that more people than ever who are aged 65 and older are continuing to work

Hormone replacement therapy study shows improved muscle strength

14th May 2013

A new study has suggested that there could be a new treatment for improving muscle function in older women