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Mobility News

Record number of people over 65 still working

17th May 2013

Recent figures have revealed that more people than ever who are aged 65 and older are continuing to work

Hormone replacement therapy study shows improved muscle strength

14th May 2013

A new study has suggested that there could be a new treatment for improving muscle function in older women

Hydrogen Sulphide could provide key to arthritis treatment

10th May 2013

Scientists at the University of Exeter have revealed that a gas which was believed to have no positive use could actually have some health benefits

Back pain could be solved by revolutionary new theory

9th May 2013

It was reported in The Independent this week that a revolutionary theory concerning back pain has emerged which could drastically change the lives of stairlift users in the future.

Naidex National hailed a success after 10,000 people visit

8th May 2013

The recent annual Naidex National conference was hailed a success after over 10,000 visitors attended the 3-day event last week

Skegness woman thanks stairlifts for giving her independence

7th May 2013

After having a stairlift installed, Jennifer Croxford admitted that her only regret was not getting one sooner

New OpenBritain website helps make tourism accessible for all

7th May 2013

A new website was launched last month which aims to help make tourism accessible to people with accessibility issues

Berries may have health-promoting properties as we age

2nd May 2013

t is well known that there are many ways to try and stay fit, and many of us try to eat a balanced diet to stay healthy. Research can help point us in the right direction, and the latest scientific research has shown that a diet that includes berries can have health-promoting properties, particularly in terms of aging.