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Home improvements to make before you move into a new house

19th May 2022


If you are selling your old house and moving into a new home or you are a first-time buyer who is moving into their first flat or home, then making your new house feel like a home is always a priority. When you first move in, there are bound to be things you don’t like that you will want to change and doing so before you’ve moved all of your belongings in can make the process easier. From mobility aids like home lifts for the disabled to redecorating and updating appliances, there is so much that can be done to upgrade your new home to suit your needs.

This guide will go into detail about some of the small and even larger changes that you can make to your new home before you move into it.

Home improvements to make before you move into a new house:

  • Repaint the interior and exterior
  • Install mobility aids
  • Replace appliances
  • Upgrade the flooring
  • Change the locks

Repaint the interior and exterior

One of the first things you can think about doing is to repaint areas of the home, that could be the interior or exterior. Whether you are buying an older house and just want to give it a refresh or want to jazz up a new build home, painting is a great starting point, and something best done before moving in your belongings. This way you don’t need to navigate around furniture and have a blank canvas to work with.

Painting the outside of the home can really increase your curb appeal and painting the interior can instantly make a new house feel like a home, especially if the previous décor was dated or not to your taste. If you’re thinking about painting the interior of the home, it is important to prep the walls correctly and wise to tackle one room at a time. If you are wanting to paint a new build home, they often recommend waiting a year to allow the house to settle before painting and decorating.

Install mobility aids

If you’re moving into a new home and have a disability or mobility issues then it is wise to get any mobility aids or stairlifts installed before moving in, doing this will ensure the house is safe and ready for you to use as soon as you move in.

If you struggle getting up and down the stairs, then a stairlift is the perfect option for you and offers a little extra safety when moving around your home. If you use a wheelchair in your home and travelling between floors is a struggle, then looking at getting a home lift for the disabled installed will hopefully take the stress out of travelling around your home.

Replace appliances


If your new home is older than 10 years or hasn’t been updated in a while, then looking at getting some of the older appliances replaced can be a good idea. Older appliances will often still work perfectly but can often make a room look dated or can clash with the theme of the room.

If you use a wheelchair or struggle with your mobility, then getting adapted appliances installed might be really important to you and where possible, should be updated before you move in. Lowered counters, ovens, hobs, and fridges can all be installed to help those in wheelchairs and can help ensure accidents in the kitchen are avoided.  

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Upgrade the flooring

For those with limited mobility, those who use a walking aid and even those who rely on a wheelchair to get around their home, flooring is often one of the biggest challenges when it comes to buying a new home. Carpet can often become a hazard and an annoyance for those in wheelchairs and with aids due to bobbling and creasing when worn or aged, so hard flooring is often a better and safer alternative.

If you’re moving into a new home that has dated or older carpet, it is wise to look at getting this replaced where feasible before moving in. Not only is hard floor easier to clean and maintain, but it is also much easier for wheelchairs to move about on. Plus, by doing it before moving any of your belongings in, it’ll be easier for installation and not mean you need to move furniture around.

Change the locks

It may be something you don’t consider, but one of the first things you should do before moving into your new home is get the locks changed. Getting the locks changed will mean that no one else has access to your home and any previous keys won’t work in the new lock.

Additionally, why not get a camera doorbell to add an extra layer of safety to your home and front door? For those in wheelchairs or people who can’t move quickly, these sorts of installations can really help and enables them to answer the door from their wheelchair or chair.

If you’re moving into a new home and are unsure where to start when it comes to home updates and improvements, such as homelifts, then hopefully this guide has given you a few quick and easy ideas. For more tips, guides, and advice, make sure to visit our news page

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