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Oxford to get new bus to help elderly

29th August 2014

Oxford could receive a new bus to provide transport for the elderly in and around the local area after council officials offered to make money available to improve the existing dial-a-ride service that benefits elderly residents in the area. Oxfordshire County Council are considering the offer following cuts made to the service in 2012.

Currently, only one bus runs as a part of the service due to the budget cuts, meaning that many Oxford residents who are reliant on mobility aids and stairlifts endure restricted independence because of the service’s limitations. As a result, council officials have offered to make more money available for the service, which could manifest itself in the form of an extra bus.

“An improved dial-a-ride service”

John Tanner, city councillor and the executive board member for a cleaner, greener Oxford, said in this article, “We would be prepared to put a limited amount of money into an improved dial-a-ride service for Oxford, but the county council has not so far shown a willingness to agree with us how best to spend that money.”

This has left many unsure as to the future of Oxford’s vulnerable and mobility-restricted residents. Tanner went on to say that, “For a significant improvement in the service we would be prepared to make a contribution. What we are not prepared to do is to throw good money after bad. The service could be a lot better run. What we don’t want [to] see is the county council use our contribution to run the service and their money for something else.”

The dial-a-ride service currently acts as a lifeline to those who rely on walk in baths and showers and other such aids in order to maintain an independent lifestyle, but there are concerns that should the county council not use this money to improve the service, many could be missing out, which could be detrimental to their health and to the NHS.

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