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How are stairlifts removed?

Often customers are concerned that once their need for a stairlift has passed, there will be difficulties with the removal of a stairlift and what their stairs will look like after. Just as installation is a smooth service, with professional help, the removal can be just as stress-free.

Whether the customer is looking to upgrade their stairlift to a newer model or remove the equipment altogether, this should not be done without the aid of a professional as it can damage both the property and the equipment. 

What will my stairs look like after my stairlift is removed?

If it is an indoor stairlift that was installed on carpeted or wooden stairs, there may be a few small holes left in the stair tread where the brackets were drilled. If there was carpet, it is possible that an indentation may also be left. This can often be rectified by steam cleaning.

If it is an outdoor stairlift being removed that was attached to a stone or tile surface, there will be more visible marks left. These can be filled in afterwards. 


How long does it take to remove a stairlift?

Stairlift removal should only be done by professionals to ensure your property is not damaged. The removal should only take a couple of hours, at a pre-arranged time, with a reputable service provider like Handicare. 


Who will remove my stairlift?

If people are looking to remove their stairlift to upgrade to a newer model, then often the supplier will arrange to remove the old stairlift and recycle it. This can all be done in one home visit.

Please note that Handicare does not offer a buyback service on stairlifts due to the bespoke, made to measure nature of the goods.

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