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Stairlift troubleshooting tips

We hope you will enjoy years of stress-free use of your Handicare stairlift, but we are here to help if you have any difficulties. If you are having problems with your Handicare stairlift, this page of tips can provide the help you need. From a beeping stairlift to error codes and irresponsive remote controls, discover our Handicare stairlift troubleshooting advice below.

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What to do if you need help?

Before we move on to common stairlift faults, this section looks at what to do if you need help.

If a stairlift user is in danger, stuck, vulnerable, or needs immediate help, call the team on 0808 303 8499, and someone from Handicare will arrange urgent care.

Common stairlift faults

Our stairlifts are expertly made and installed, but factors such as time and wear can sometimes cause issues. Read on for stairlift solutions and guidance to some common problems.

How do I stop my stairlift from beeping?

A beeping stairlift could mean that there is a power issue with your stairlift. Fortunately, there is a simple solution.

If your stairlift beeps for 40 seconds and the display shows the number ‘2’, this means that the stairlift batteries are not recharging. This might be because the plug is not in the socket correctly.

If you plug it back in and it's still beeping, one of our trained technicians can help fix the issue. Just make and enquiry to speak to one of Handicare’s trained advisors.

Why is my stairlift making an unusual noise?

Is your stairlift making more noise than it usually does while it’s running? If so, you will need to get the stairlift looked at by a professional engineer.

It could be that an issue has occurred internally with the motor. If this is the case, the internal components will need repairing or replacing. Get in touch with one of Handicare’s experts, and we can get you the help you need. You can use the contact form to speak to one of the advisors.

Why is my stairlift slow or no longer moving?

There can be a number of reasons why your stairlift is no longer moving in any direction. To diagnose the issue, you will need to pay attention to the display on your stairlift, as this will provide a hint as to what the problem is. Please refer to your user manual.

Some of the reasons why your stairlift isn’t moving in either direction:

  • The key-operated switch is in the off position.
  • The stop button has been pressed.
  • The emergency stop has been pressed.
  • The seat is not locked and is in a swivelled position.
  • An armrest has not been folded down.
  • The batteries in the remote control are dead.

If your stairlift is slower than usual, this could be because the stairlift battery is not charging correctly. Check that the power is turned on and that your stairlift is parked correctly, which is when your stairlift stops at the top or the bottom of your staircase.

If your stairlift remains slow, contact Handicare’s experts for assistance.

Why is my stairlift remote control not working?

The most common cause of a stairlift remote control not working are flat batteries. With regular use of your stairlift, eventually, the remote’s batteries will run out and will need replacing.

Before you replace your batteries, however, make sure that the issue isn’t related to the stairlift itself. For example, your stairlift might not be moving because the switch is in the off position or the stop button has been pressed.

How do I change the batteries in my remote control?

Replacing the batteries on your stairlift remote control is easy. Simply flip the remote over and slide the battery cover off. Replace the old batteries with new ones and slide the cover back on until it clips back in place.

How do you replace a stairlift battery?

A stairlift battery should never be replaced by yourself. This should be left to a trained technician.

When you get your stairlift serviced by Handicare, we will check your battery and will be able to replace it if needed.

Our engineers will make the change for you and safely dispose of the old battery. The stairlift will then be tested to make sure it is working correctly.

More stairlift advice

For more stairlift advice, we have put together an extensive collection of guides, providing tips and information on a range of stairlift-related subjects.

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Stairlift FAQ

If you have more questions about stairlifts, our Frequently Asked Questions page has many of the answers you are looking for.

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Get help with your stairlift

If you need further help with your stairlift, it might be time to get in touch for a repair, service, or support.

We are here to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We can send over a technician to get you up and running again.

Stairlift repairs, service, and support

Discover stairlift troubleshooting tips, getting your Handicare stairlift up and running again.

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