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First time buyers guide to homelifts

Homelifts are an aid for your home that allows those with limited mobility to move freely between floors in their house. Homelifts can offer so many the independence they may not have otherwise. With so many benefits, adaptations, and technology features, homelifts are a reliable and stylish way to adapt your home. In this article we take at some of the common questions first-time homelift users or those looking for home lifts for sale may have before they commit to having one installed in their home. Keep reading to find out more about these home aids and how one could help you in your home.

What is a homelift?

A homelift is an aid that can be installed into your home to help those who have limited mobility or may use a wheelchair to get around to move between floors in their home instead of having to use the stairs. A great alternative to a stairlift, a homelift is much like a lift you would get in a shop or in a hotel and moves between floors and has a wide opening to allow wheelchairs and mobility aids to move in and out.

With either a fully enclosed cabin or a half height cabin, homelifts are extremely safe and reliable and can be used by one person without the need for assistance from another party. With an easy-to-use control system, there really is no better way to add independence to your home and remove the worry of falls and accidents when using the stairs.

How can homelifts help me in my home?

If you use a mobility aid or wheelchair in your home, a homelift can offer that independence you may be looking for. If you often find yourself needing the help of a loved one to move around your home or worry about facing the stairs alone, then a homelift is a great option.

Homelifts can be installed in an open space in your home and tailored to suit the style and décor so they won’t look intrusive in your room. Their stylish and modern designs mean they are often chosen over a stairlift for that exact reason.

What type of homelifts are there?

Here at Age Co Homelifts, we have three homelift designs to choose from so you can find the exact one to suit your needs. All with different features and different styles, you’re bound to find one that you’ll love. Find a little more information about the three lifts and their features below:

Cygnus Homelift

Often described as the superior homelift, the Cygnus design is a great choice for any home. With a fully enclosed cabin and available in three sizes, including wheelchair size, it is a diverse option. The design has no lift shaft or side posts which makes it one of the more discreet models on the market and one that will fit in your home seamlessly.

The Cygnus Homelift model comes with a variety of extras including in-car telephone, in-car LED lighting, powered door and a 7-inch display panel for easy use.

Stratus Homelift

The Stratus Homelift is a practical through the floor lift that is ideal for wheelchair users thanks to its compact yet efficient design. Again, available in three sizes, what makes this lift different is the half height enclosure which makes it easier to fit within your home.

Coming fully equipped features such as diagnostic display, wireless controls, tip-up seat and acrylic panels as well as optional extras including in-car telephone, powered door, grab rails and upgraded colour options.

Aurora Homelift

Another lift that has a fully enclosed cabin is the Aurora Homelift which has an iconic space-saving design suitable for just about anywhere in the home. The Aurora design requires very little building work and comes in a variety of colours and sizes so you can tailor it to suit your needs.

Add additional extras including in-car telephone, high speed motor, Bluetooth activation and tip-up seat on top of the standard features which include diagnostic display, wireless control and emergency lowering system.

How quickly can I get a homelift installed?

Every home is different, and every person’s requirement will be different, so timescales will vary greatly based on these factors. The first step in order to get your homelift is to undergo an assessment by our Age Co team who will come to your home, take you through the process, answer any questions you may have and talk you through the next steps.

Once you have spoken to one of our homelift experts, it is time to order your homelift, which is then followed by installation. Installation usually takes place 6-8 weeks after your final plan is agreed and will take somewhere between 2-3 days to complete.

If you’re thinking about having a homelift installed into your home but wanted to find out a little more information about the process beforehand, then hopefully this guide has helped.

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