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The smallest homelifts on the market

have the space to accommodate one, however, at Age Co we offer the most compact home lifts on the market, meaning can you have the support you need in your home without needing to compromise on space. With the smallest lift footprint available in the UK courtesy of Handicare, you’ll be able to easily navigate between floors without feeling as though you have to sacrifice a large portion of your living space.

We know that when it comes to mobility, having as much floor space as possible can be the difference between being able to easily navigate a space and finding yourself dodging furniture to get around. With our range of small house lifts, you’ll be surprised at how little space the lift takes up and how elegantly a small domestic lift can fit into your home with a wide range of customisations. Being able to have the independence to move freely around your home, both between floors and on those floors is a luxury that we take for granted until we no longer have it. But, with a mini lift, you can easily give yourself back the freedom that you deserve and improve your quality of life.

What size lifts do Age Co offer?

All three of the home lifts we offer; the Cygnus, Aurora, and Stratus; are available in three sizes: Compact, Twin and Wheelchair. For those in the market for little lifts, it’s the compact footprint you’ll want to go for. The Compact option is the smallest currently available in the UK and will require minimal building work, meaning no dragged-out disturbances or large loss of space. These lifts are perfect for those who struggle to transition from a sitting to standing position (and therefore might not benefit from a stairlift) but offers bars internally for support whilst moving between floors. Equally, you can choose to customise with a lift if you’d prefer the option to sit.

Another way a small passenger lift size can be beneficial is by offering the option of carrying goods between floors. Whether it’s getting the washing up and down the stairs that’s a problem or you find that getting your shopping from a basement garage to the kitchen is too much of a challenge, you can use your lift to transport more than just your person around your home.

For those who do want more room in their lift, we also offer Twin and Wheelchair options. These can be great for people with mobility aids like walkers and sticks or wheelchairs who want to be able to easily glide in and out of a lift.

How we save space with our small lifts

Our homelifts are provided by Handicare, who have taken great care in making sure they only keep the most necessary elements of a lift and strip away the rest. One of the best space-saving elements is the lack of lift shaft, allowing the lift to be installed easily and take up less room within the home. As well as that, there are no obtrusive side posts and no machine room, so the lift footprint is all you need to have a lift installed – no extra mechanisms or building works are needed.

This doesn’t mean, however, that the lifts offered by Age Co aren’t high-tech or top-of-the-range. The full range of lifts we offer, meet the latest in British safety standards, are easy to operate with internal and external controls, have a 7” LCD control box with diagnostics in case they are needed as well as many more upgrades available.

If you are interested in how a home lift might look in your home, why not request an advice pack? Not only are we able to offer the smallest footprint on the market, but our home lifts UK prices are also some of the best on the market and we can offer a range of customisation options to suit your needs.

Looking for more information before you purchase a homelift? Our Homelift Advice Hub answers all of the most frequently asked questions, helping to give you peace of mind and inform your decision so you can get the best product for your needs.

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