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What type of homelift do I need for a wheelchair?

For those who use a wheelchair and find they have to get out of their wheelchair or struggle to get between floors in their home, there are a number of solutions you can install in your home to help. Homelifts are a great piece of equipment that allows those with limited mobility to move up and down floors in their home safely and without worry. Here at Handicare we have a selection of homelifts that are perfect for all mobility conditions and can be adapted to suit your exacting needs.

This article takes look at the homelift options available, how they are suitable for wheelchair users and a little more about how they can be installed into your home.

Cygnus Homelift

The Cygnus Homelift comes in three different sizes, one of them being wheelchair sizing This model is perfect for those who have limited space but still want to be able to move around in their wheelchair quickly and safely.

Fully compliant with British safety standards, you’ll have peace of mind that your home lift is as safe as possible. There is a plethora of great features that make this lift a good option for wheelchair users, some of those being no lift shaft or obtrusive side posts which make it more discreet in the home, another of the great features includes level access and internal controls for easy movement.

This lift is also an option that comes with limited and minimal building work, so your home won’t be disrupted for too long.

Aurora Homelift

The Aurora Homelift is fully enclosed making it a great space-saving option, it also makes it suitable for almost any type of home. Available in three sizes, one of these being for a wheelchair it is also fully compliant with the latest British standard safety regulations and comes with a fully comprehensive warranty covering all callouts, parts and labour and including one service visit.

The Aurora has a wonderful selection of features including half-height vision panels and in-car LED lighting, diagnostic display, emergency lowering system and wireless controls. The tip-up seat is perfect for those who struggle to get up from a standing position and the powered door allows you to leave the lift easily and hassle-free.

Stratus Homelift

The sleek design of the Stratus Homelift is the reason it is often a popular choice for those looking at homelifts in the UK. This lift is also one of the most popular models for wheelchair users due to it being an open car solution and having a through the floor design. There are no side lifts obstructing your room and the lift is completely customisable so you can design it to suit your needs and to fit with your décor and home style, even down to choosing the colour.

Similarly, to the other lift models, the Stratus has level access perfect for wheelchair users, and travels smoothly and quietly between floors. The fully comprehensive warranty offers you peace of mind that if your lift breaks, it will be fixed easily and quickly.

If you or someone you know often uses a wheelchair, then a home lift is a great option to allow them a little more independence in the home. If you’re interested and want to find out more, why not arrange a home visit to find out more?

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