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How to care for your rise and recliner chair

29th April 2014

Dependent on the model and materials involved in your rise and recliner chair, it can actually be very easy to care for this type of mobility aid. With many coming in waterproof fabrics and anti-fungal materials, a contemporary rise and recliner can now last for the rest of your lifetime with the appropriate care and attention.

This guide will act as an introduction into the best methods and products to use when caring for your rise and recliner chair so it can continue to provide comfort and independence for years to come.


As is often the case with most possessions, whether that be a car or even your home in general, the prevention of wear and tear is normally better than the cure and the same can be said of the upholstery fabric of your rise and recliner chair. The amount of damage sustained by your chair can be reduced just by following a few simple steps.

It’s a good idea to reduce the amount of airborne pollutants in your home that could damage the upholstery fabric. Using an extractor fan when cooking prevents greasy cooking fumes from settling on your rise recliner chair and smoking outside stops discolouring and odour.

Sunlight is another aspect to bear in mind as by keeping your chair out of direct sunlight you can avoid colour fading.

Covers are available for the arms and cushions of your recliner to prevent hair and skin oils from damaging the upholstery fabric.

Also, be sure to turn loose cushions over regularly to prevent concentrated wear and tear.

Cleaning leather

Many would rather use cleaning services to ensure that their new leather chair is kept clean and as good as new, but for those looking to tackle the task on their own there are a few hints and tips that can make the job easier and prolong the life of leather rise and recliner chairs.

When cleaning leather, it is important to try and steer clear away from water as this can stain the material. Steam cleaners are often the best option for cleaning leather upholstery and introducing cleaning products with oils and waxes listed as the ingredients can ensure your chair is kept supple and clean. Saddle soap can ensure your chair is kept clean, but also moisturised to prevent drying out and cracking as well as preventing future staining.

Cleaning fabrics

Cleaning other upholstery fabric is generally easier and the cleaning products are easier to come by in a supermarket or shop. When it comes to cleaning fabrics be sure to keep these steps in mind.

Firstly vacuum your chair with the soft brush attachment to ensure all traces of dirt and dust are removed with the utmost care.

Then use a durable microfiber cloth or baby wipes to do a swift spot clean.

Then, using a clean microfiber cloth, use soapy water or fabric cleaner to wipe the chair clean. Allow the solution to soak into the upholstery fabric using a small amount of water so as not to drench the chair. However, it is better to avoid using water on chenille fabrics; either invest in a special upholstery shampoo designed for chenille or use a dry cleaning service.

When it comes to drying the chair, letting it dry naturally is always the best option as this avoids overheating, which can be caused in the use of hairdryers.

Everyday maintenance

To prolong the life of a rise and recliner chair, it should be treated much like any other item of furniture or mobility aid. Like you would keep a new stair lift that you want to use every day clean and in top working order, it is important to do the same with a rise and recliner chair.

Cleaning surface stains as quickly as possible alongside regular vacuuming will ensure that your chair stays clean and avoids tricky stains. For those who want a chair that is easier to maintain, there is now a great range of rise and recliners that come in waterproof and anti-fungal materials – perfect for homes that are prone to damp or the odd roof leak. Even if that is not the case, these materials and upholstery fabrics can offer peace of mind when purchasing a chair that should provide all the comfort without any of the stress.

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