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Chair lift or Stairlift? What’s the difference?

Do you need help climbing the stairs at home? Want to know the difference between chair lifts and stairlifts? This guide will explain these two terms and help you determine the right mobility solution for you.

What is a chair lift?

A chair lift is a helpful piece of mobility equipment that can help someone with limited mobility climb their staircase. If you have trouble walking or have poor balance, a stair chair lift can provide peace of mind, taking you safely up and down the stairs.

The user sits down in a chair which moves up and down the stairs along a rail. Modern chair lifts for stairs are neat and attractive pieces of equipment that not only help a person stay independent at home but can fit in with your décor as well.

Is a chair lift different to a stair lift?

The terms ‘chair lift’ and ‘stairlift’ are often used interchangeably. They essentially mean the same thing: a mobility aid that takes the user up and down the stairs as they sit or perch on a seat.

There are ways to differentiate between the terms, however. All chairlifts are stairlifts, but not all stairlifts are chairlifts.

Chair lifts for stairs involve a person sitting down in a traditional sitting position on a chair (sometimes called a ‘chair stair lift’). In contrast, some stairlifts are designed for those who can’t sit down comfortably and need to perch or stand instead.

Who can use a chair lift?

A stair chair lift can be very helpful for people with a number of mobility restrictions. It might be that your balance isn’t what it used to be, or perhaps arthritis pain makes climbing the stairs difficult.

Wheelchair users can utilise chairlifts, as can those who have a range of physical and mental disabilities. Essentially, if climbing the stairs is hard or impossible, a chair stair lift can help provide access to different floors of a house.

What types of stairlifts are there?

Chair lift

If you are able to sit down or need to be in a sitting position to move around, a chair lift is a great option.

Stairlifts with chairs allow you to be comfortable and seated as you are transported up and down the stairs.

You can get chair lifts for regular stairs, narrow staircases, straight stairs and curved stairs.

Perch stairlift

If you are someone who struggles to sit but needs a stairlift to help you get up and down the stairs, a perch stairlift could be the right solution.

Perch stairlifts are similar to standing stairlifts, but they provide extra support to allow the user to ride the stairlift in a perched position.

As with chair lifts, a perch stairlift can also be purchased for both straight and curved staircases.

Where can I have a chair lift installed?

Straight chair lifts

If you have straight staircases at home without any curves or bends, one of our straight stairlifts is right for you.

These are the simplest type of chair lift to install, and, as they involve going up one flight of stairs, they tend to be cheaper, too.

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Curved chair lifts

You can have chairlifts installed on stairs that have bends or curves to them. Just because your stairs go around a corner or traverse a landing doesn’t mean that you can’t have a chair lift.

Our range of curved stairlifts/chairlifts will allow you to get up and down multiple flights of stairs and access all floors of your home with ease.

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Freecurve stairlift

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What is a chair lift? Is it the same as a stairlift? This guide helps you to understand the different terms and names associated with stairlifts.

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