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Curved Stairlifts

This attractive system has a single, tubular rail which allows the stairlift to fit on the narrowest of stairs and navigate the tightest bends. The Freecurve is also uniquely customisable, allowing the stairlift to fit in with any home or décor.

Standard features:

  • Manual swivel seat
  • Unique ergonomically designed toggle switch for ease of use
  • Safety sensors; the stairlift automatically cuts out if it comes into contact with an obstruction
  • DC power, enabling the stairlift to continue to run for a limited number of trips in the event of a power cut
  • Includes two handheld remote controls, ideal for multiple users
  • Slim and stylish single rail design (less than 8cm in diameter)
  • Choice of upholstery & rail colours
  • Standard weight limit of 18.5st

Available options:

  • Heavy duty motor able to carry up to 21st
  • Powered folding seat
  • Powered seat to footrest folding link available
  • Powered swivel seat
  • Powered hinged rail; allows the stairlift rail to be folded out of the way to avoid blocking doorways or access at the bottom of the stairs
  • Active seat, to help the stairlift user rise and sit in complete comfort 


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these products
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Buying these products supports Age UK's charitable work
"There was no fuss and no hard sell"

" All the options were explained to me very clearly and the surveyor was so polite. There was no fuss and no hard sell, which really helped me make my decision. "

Mr S from Stoke-on-Trent
"We were treated with both professionalism and kindness"

" We were treated with both professionalism and kindness. Those involved were a credit to your organisation in the way they dealt with us. "

M Geldart

Peace of Mind Guarantee

For complete peace of mind, all of Age Co’s stairlifts come with a 2-year warranty as standard and each stairlift undergoes rigorous safety testing before they are distributed. Survey and installation appointments are scheduled to suit the customer, calls will never be made without an appointment, and Handicare’s expert mobility advisors are on hand to assist if any concerns or questions arise. The professional, friendly advisors are always on hand to help.

Stairlift solutions for the home

The style of the main staircase in your home will dictate the type of stairlift you decide upon. If your stairs are curved, then a curved stairlift will need to be installed.

Curved stairlift tracks turn corners, as they are fixed to a curved rail that follows the exact shape of your staircase. If your household has two consecutive straight staircases that are joined by a landing, then you may want to consider the curved stairlifts as a solution for a seamless ride up both staircases. Depending upon the user’s level of mobility, two straight stairlifts may be appropriate. For more information, please see the dedicated guide ‘how to choose a stairlift’.

It is possible to purchase both straight and curved reconditioned stairlifts from Handicare as well as other bespoke solutions such as stairlifts for narrow staircases.

Stairlift Service and Support

A Handicare stairlift provides real value. As part of the company’s dedication to providing great value to all customers, a No Quibbles Price Promise is provided– if a similar product with equivalent specification and service levels is found at a lower price, please contact Handicare and it will happily be matched.

Alongside the price promise, the level of  stairlift servicing and support offered by Handicare is second-to-none. With the installation of curved UK stairlifts, you can regain the pleasure and freedom of going up and down your curved staircase with ease. Handicare and Age Co offer security, all from a name you can trust.

Stairlift Advice from the experts

Handicare and Age Co work together to offer excellent stairlifts at reasonable prices, whilst supplying complete peace of mind to all customers. Handicare is always committed to always offering exceptional customer service. Throughout the entire process of buying a curved stairlift, you will be in control and kept informed. From the first visit from a Handicare advisor to stairlift installation, trained mobility advisors and engineers are on hand to assist if any questions or concerns arise.

Further to the support from Handicare advisors, there is a wealth of information in the stairlift advice section of this website. Common questions are answered such as ‘what is the average price of a stairlift’ and ‘who are the best stairlift companies’.